Good photography can make all the difference when you need to stand out from the competition. Professional photographs can really make a huge impact on marketing and promotional material.

Jon Davey is a specialist commercial photographer creating striking images that capture the imagination.

Ways of doing business are continually changing. As a commercial photographer, Jon is often asked to find new and interesting ways to portray an organisation’s identity, values and activities for a range of uses such as: company websites, corporate brochures, annual reports, business plans, sales and marketing material and PR.

With over twenty years experience as a professional photographer, Jon has provided a comprehensive and creative B2B and B2C photography service to a diverse range of clients – from sole traders to SMEs.

If you’re looking for a professional commercial photographer to shoot a portrait, product, editorial feature, school prospectus, event, or would like to discuss broader projects, call us today on 01275 854233 for an informal chat.

Virtual Tours

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